HELP! I need to know for reasonsssss so:

Do you think her hair is more of the first shade or the second?

  1. eren-jaeger-titan answered: I would say Easy Strawberry.
  2. gooseflox answered: first
  3. monster-lili answered: Easy Strawberry =)
  4. oluwayemi answered: first shade
  5. rubyblight answered: Easy strawberry.
  6. artlover4life answered: first
  7. madeleinemaistudios answered: Definitely the first
  8. songofthestorms answered: Strawberry
  9. kawaiiprincessa answered: It looks like a mix of both :D
  10. mysteriousmage answered: I’d say easy strawberry, but it would look great to mix some of the other in with it!
  11. jilly-b3an answered: easy strawberry? maybe but if you have the doll you could tell easier
  12. mattirae123 answered: first
  13. popcorn-honeymoon answered: Definitely easy strawberry :) xx
  14. fetaljuice answered: easy strawberry!
  15. khiroptera answered: Easy Strawberry! The other one is just too red. ^ ^
  16. jellykinder answered: easy strawberry!
  17. rightfulqueenofwesteros answered: first
  18. kristinakai answered: easy Strawberry ~ cause her hair is more ginger-ish than redish :)
  19. sebastianvaels-swayinghips answered: First shade
  20. pastel-moon-bat answered: I’d say more the first shade. :3
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